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Welcome to Latest Collection by Softwear, the place where YAYA lovers come together! We understand that it is important to keep your store running smoothly while minimizing costs. That’s why we proudly introduce our new Plug & Play Tablet, specially designed to optimize your shopping experience with the YAYA brand. The Plug & Play Tablet has been carefully designed to share data without complicated installation procedures. Optimize your turnover, increase your margins and say goodbye to no-sells. Simplify, improve and increase your profitability with the Plug & Play Tablet.

Discover data-sharing with YAYA

With a one-time set-up of only €150 and a monthly fee of €50, you will experience a revolution in data-sharing with YAYA. Here are some reasons why our tablet is a real asset to your store:

  • Higher margins: Unlock new opportunities for profitability with our Plug & Play Tablet. Reduce costs and maximize your margins for a healthier financial position.
  • More turnover: Stimulate growth and increase your turnover. Optimize efficiency and increase productivity, making your business better able to meet growing demand.
  • Less ‘no’ selling: No more missed opportunities thanks to our advanced technology. The Plug & Play Tablet minimizes lost sales by always having stock of the desired products, so you never have to disappoint customers again.
  • Data sharing: Enable seamless data-sharing with the Plug & Play Tablet. Strengthen your business decisions by working with YAYA. Our Plug & Play Tablet optimizes the flow of information, giving you access to crucial data for fast and informed decision-making.
  • Higher customer satisfaction: Maximize customer satisfaction by sharing data, where the collaboration with supplier YAYA guarantees a worry-free experience.

Simple & easy

Our Plug & Play Tablet is designed with your convenience in mind. Place your order and we will take it from there. Within 48 hours you will receive a ready-to-use tablet and scanner, with direct access via your login details. With just a simple scan next to the cash register, the system becomes operational, so that you can enjoy all the benefits of the YAYA brand in no time.

So don’t wait any longer and transform your shop with our Plug & Play Tablet and enjoy all the benefits immediately. Contact us today and find out how we can help you grow with YAYA.

Request the Plug & Play Tablet immediately

Complete the form below and start transforming your fashion store into an efficient and profitable company this week. After completing this form, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions. Once your payment is confirmed, we will immediately start the optimization of your fashion store so that you can quickly benefit from increased sales, improved margins and minimized no-sales.

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